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FAAN Mail Talk Back: “It’s Free Swipe Yo EBT”

In this talk back, FAAN Mail responds to “It’s Free- Swipe Yo EBT” a controversial music video produced by emerging artist, Chapter. The music video has reached over 400K views and received over 3,000 comments on youtube, including many charged … Continue reading

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The NYC Newsstand: Black Womens’ Bodies For Sale

What do you notice about this photograph of a news -stand at the 34th St Subway platform in NYC? Have you seen this type of display before? When I lived in NYC three years ago I walked by news stands … Continue reading

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Our Streets Too: Philly joins the Anti-Street Harassment Day

Yesterday was the First Annual International Anti-Street Harassment Day. In Philadelphia, nearly twenty of us gathered to speak out against street harassment and engage our community. Ten of us went to 52nd Street and seven of us met at Rittenhouse … Continue reading

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Lil girls talk back to Lil Wayne

In 10 years, will Lil Wayne join Jay Z and come to regret his misogynistic lyrics? Lots of people are talking about the “Open Letter to Lil’ Wayne,” a song written by two 9 and 10 year old girls known … Continue reading

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Fans Decode: Jay Z Regrets Past Misogynistic Lyrics

My friends and I from the FAAN Mail Project have this idea. We want to start filming our informal conversations about pop-culture, media, intersections of race/class/gender/sexuality–and put them online.  Through these dialouges, we are modeling active audiences and making “feminist … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Kiely Campaign: Response From Kiely’s Manager

Nuala, Thanks for your email and the attention you obviously gave to your response.  While I do not agree with the conclusions you reached, I am happy that we’ve achieved our goal.  We’ve given the Internet one big “yeast infection” … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Kiely Williams

*I wrote this open letter in response to Kiely Williams’ music video “Spectacular.” It was sent to her manager at Dear Kiely, In your disclaimer for the video, “Spectacular” you state that this song and video was created to … Continue reading

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