Teaching, Reflecting, Writing it Down

My mentor Renee Hobbs has been encouraging me to write about my teaching experience for about…. three years now.  

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Yesterday we met and she suggested writing informally, like in a journal or… BLOG! Okay, there’s my format! I’ll be using this blog to share some reflections on teaching moving forward. I would like to commit to building on at least ONE of them this year (2011, Nuala!) to submit to a journal.

For now I’ll post some videos from a summer program called the REEL Film Experience, “where youth/FILM/learning intersect for positive change.” Teaching there for six weeks this summer was probably the most exciting and meaningful teaching experience I have had so far.

These videos are from media literacy lessons where we explored stereotypes around gender and race through work by author Joan Morgan, rap artists Public Enemy and filmmakers Spike Lee and Byron Hurt.


About Nuala Cabral

Nuala Cabral is an educator, activist, filmmaker and co-founder of FAAN Mail, a media literacy and activist project based in Philadelphia.
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